Julpyssla och vinn tapeter till julklappsinslagningen

Inte bara julen närmar sig med stormsteg utan även pyssel och Do It Yourself-idéernas högtid. Mr Perswall drar nu igång en Instagramtävling där man under hashtaggen #MrPerswallDIY kan visa, tipsa och inspirera varandra med sitt julpyssel!

Vi kommer utse tre vinnare med mest inspirerande/kreativa bild/idé de kommande veckorna som får var sitt kit med tapetbitar från kollektionen Captured Reality som är perfekta till julklappsinslagningen.

* För att delta, hashtagga ditt julpyssel eller din DIY-idé med #MrPerswallDIY

* Du måste ha en öppen Instagramprofil under tävlingens gång för att delta

* Varje måndag efter Första, Andra och Tredje Advent utses en vinnare

Lycka till!



Competition rules
1. The competition is arranged by Mr Perswall (ECO-Boråstapeter AB) via Instagram and runs until 15 December 2013.
2. The competition works by tagging photos which have a DIY theme with the hashtag #mrperswalldiy
3. There is no limit to the number of entries per person.
4. Mr Perswall cannot be held responsible for any technical failures that impede any competition entries or prevent the competition from being carried out.
5. You may only enter photos that you have taken yourself. All photos that are correctly tagged will be counted as a competition entry and therefore have a chance of winning. Participants themselves are the legally responsible publishers of their own competition entries. 
6. All entries will be displayed at www.mrperswall.se/DIY. By entering the competition, participants grant Mr Perswall the right to publicise the competition entries, as well as the winners’ names, without cost and without requiring further consent on Mr Perswall’s communication channels such as websites and social media, as well as using competition entries for other promotional purposes related to Mr Perswall (with no restrictions on duration, location, medium, format or any other factors).
7. The jury, consisting of representatives from Mr Perswall, will select the winners, and the jury’s decision is final.
8. The winners will be notified by a comment on the winning photos on Instagram, where the winners will be instructed to contact Mr Perswall via the email address indicated.
9. Mr Perswall will not accept any offensive or obscene entries and takes no responsibility for such material. Be aware that photography, under certain circumstances, may be an infringement of rights and thus not permitted in Sweden from 1 July 2013 onwards. For example, if a person has been photographed in a private setting without their prior consent.
10. Any tax on profits is to be paid by the winner.
11. You must have an open Instagram profile to take part with your pictures in the contest.
12. Employees of the WallVision group may not enter the competition.


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Cole & Son
Engblad & Co
Mr Perswall